Russian Sage
​Talc- white stems and pewter- blue foliage are adorned with branched sprays of lavender flowers.

Lynwood Gold Forsythia
has bright yellow flowers in early spring is followed by a handsome display of nice dark green foliage. A traditional springtime favorite.

The Variegated Weigela
has vibrant flowers, light pink with a deep pink throat. The combination gives it the "variegated" look. The blooms smell like citrus, which attracts hummingbirds and butterflies.

Tulip Poplar 
has only a 4 lobed leaf, giving the tree a beautifully unique and almost odd appearance. They grow quickly and the tulip-shaped flower is yellow with a touch of green in the six petals.

Kousa Dogwoods
are known for their beauty, and toughness. In spring, it produces star-like blooms. In summer, its layered branches provides shade. In autumn, it offers a bright red color. 

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The Redbud tree
is a relatively small tree with spreading branches and a small short trunk, which can be found in many gardens. The tree is one of the earliest flowering trees and is often used to add color to gardens.

Miss Kim Lilac
blooms later than others, extending the season of color. Deep purple buds open to abundant clusters of highly fragrant, lavender blue flowers. Rich green foliage becomes burgundy-tinged in fall.

American Sycamore
is very popular for residential landscaping because of its fast growth and thick canopy which provides tons of shade.  It develops smooth, white bark in the winter, adding additional seasonal interest.

Purple Coneflower
Irresistible to butterflies! Large, purple daisy-like flowers with swept-back, reddish-purple rays and orange cone centers.

blooms white in spring, lush foliage in summer, and brilliant fall color! From its wonderfully fragrant spring blooms to its neon-bright fall foliage, this is a delightful shrub.

The Whitespire Birch
is a very versatile tree. it has the white bark all year so it will have color year-round.  It has dark green glossy leaves in the spring and summer that will then turn yellow in the fall.

Walker's Low Catmint
Soft mounds of gray-green foliage support loose spikes of lavender-blue flowers from late spring to summer.

Summer Snowflake Viburnum.
The well-shaped, tiered branches are cloaked in green leaves and white flowers in late spring and summer and red-to-black fruits and rusty burgundy leaves in autumn.

Golden Tiara Hosta
Shiny, veined, bright apple green leaves edged in bright yellow. Fragrant pale-lavender flowers. Sun-tolerant and a vigorous grower.

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Stella D'oro Daylily
Canary-yellow blooms characterize this popular daylily. Blooms early and is a prolific repeat bloomer. Fragrant flowers.

River Birch
is a tree that is wonderful for moist, wet soils. It is a specimen tree that has an exfoliating bark that exposes the inner bark which can be colored gray-brown to cinnamon brown to reddish brown and salmon pink.

Balloon Flower
Cornflower-blue, star-shaped blooms open from balloon-like inflated buds. Flowering begins in late spring and continues till fall. 

Minnesota Snow Mockorange
Bears very large, double flowers that are fragrant, on an upright, well-branching plant growing to 8 feet tall. Very cold hardy. Zones 3-7

The White Spruce 
has often been heralded as a beautiful tree. In landscape, it is a lovely specimen tree or grouping, a sturdy option for windbreaks and buffer strips, and serves as a great visual screen.

Goldmound Spirea
A beautiful spirea with super striking golden yellow foliage  accented by nice bright pink flowers in late May through July.

Dappled Willow
Its foliage creates a starburst of color all summer long. The bright pink new foliage matures to variegated creamy white and green.  The stems then turn to red in winter.

'Ruby Spice'
the darkest red of the Summersweet varieties. This lovely shrub produces sweetly fragrant rosy blooms in late summer. In autumn, the green foliage ignites into flaming shades of yellow!

The Bald Cypress
adapts well to wet or dry areas.  It is a deciduous conifer which means it will lose its leaves and it is cone bearing.  This tree will be a beautiful rusty orange in the fall.